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Margaret Jackson

Business & Executive Coach Margaret Jackson is on the edge! She talks about all things small business, entrepreneurship, and professional career executive development. Business on the Edge is Power Talk, all Real, all Raw, straight-edged, passionate business and professional talk radio.


My Mission is to provide high-level executive mind-changing coaching to women professionals, entrepreneurs, women groups, and business groups. Hence, they become Uncommonly Impressive in their professional careers and businesses as entrepreneurs and sought-after dynamic leaders.

Margaret Jackson

Unlocking, Mastering, Uncommonly Impressive

Margaret Jackson is the #1 Small Business Radio Personality in Silicon Valley and the Publisher of the Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine. Her “Business On the Edge” radio show is on the #1 Business and Finance Wall Street Business network in the San Francisco / Bay Area, a broadcast radio network for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to learn and grow professionally.

  • #1 Small Business Radio Personality in Silicon Valley
  • Executive Coach for Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Regional Advisor for the NorCal SBDC Network (Inclusivity Project Program)
  • Publisher of the Small Business Concierge Digital Magazine



Executive Coach Margaret Jackson & Radio Personality

Margaret Jackson

Small Business Concierge

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The Small Business Concierge radio segment of the Business on the Edge broadcasted radio show highlights Uncommonly Impressive Professionals, Today's Entrepreneurs, Corporate Giants, and more on AM 1220 KDOW in the San Francisco, Silicon Valley/Bay Area platform, the 4th largest radio market in the nation with a 7.75MM+ market size. 

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Radio Personality Margaret Jackson has a corporate and public brand. She is sought after by corporations, colleges, and public organizations to be their Master of Ceremony Emcee at staged events, conferences, conventions, or similar performances.


Margaret Jackson is a dynamic and vibrant public speaker, engaging and a straight-shooter. She is a gifted leadership and motivational speaker with a talent for unfolding the value of purpose.

Margaret Jackson
is an Amazing Person.

Margaret goes above and beyond working with people starting a small business. She has helped me with attaining new clients, attaining new skills and techniques for my company and expanding my network. She has been nothing but supportive and tactful on helping me and my company to be successful. I wouldn’t have the resources, or the confidence to go beyond what I have done in the past to what I am able to achieve now. Thank you so much Margaret!

— Julio Pardo ★★★★★
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