Margaret Jackson

Business Purpose Coach

Margaret Jackson is, a top Bay Area motivational and small business coach, and the CEO of Business on the Edge Incorporated. She has more than 25 years as a business professional. She is the president and founder of the On the Edge Women In Business CLUB. Jackson is a business radio show host for AM 1220 KDOW and AM 1100 KFAX on Business, Leadership, Purpose and Legacy. Margaret Jackson is a, Bay Area / Silicon Valley, leader, sought-after public figure and power speaker. She has been invited to speak at various organizations, colleges, schools, religious organizations, businesses and professional events. Jackson is, affectionately, known as a passionate and dedicated public figure, a community pillar, and an advocate for small business owners, women professionals, women in business, and the successful advancement of young people. Margaret Jackson is a power speaker, she is a game-changer and a thought-leader.


AM 1220 KDOW Money 2.0 Business On the Edge radio show is opening its microphone to 12 Small Businesses, Startups, and Entrepreneurs to PITCH their BUSINESS ON-AIR! Do you need MONEY? Business Host Margaret Jackson will bring on bankers, investors, and funders to listen to your PITCH. The first 12 businesses that are selected the PITCH will be closed. Email Business Coach Margaret Jackson for details and application. Use the On the Edge Pitch Tank button.


Intermediate: 3+ profitable years in business
Start-UP Phase: Pre Venture – The business is formed but not open for business
Technology Entrepreneur: Prototype available