MJ is an international award winning corporate producer & director with an extensive background in multimedia, audio and video productions.

She has been the senior producer of client events at San Jose’s Sharks Tank now the SAP center. She was selected to be a part of the Money 2.0 radio host business and finance team in 2011 on AM 1220 KDOW

AM 1220 KDOW Money 2.0
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AM 1100 KFAX Faith
Faith & Business On the Edge is a spin-off of our flagship business radio show Money 2.0. Business Coach Margaret Jackson is bridging the gap between business and Christian beliefs & faith. She is trailblazing the idea that using biblical principles and practical business applications fortifies your ability to do business God’s way. Work and faith is a partnership and one without the other cannot be achieved in working the work by faith and by faith working the work. LISTEN LIVE: Saturdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm PST Primetime.

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AM 1100 KFAX Faith & Business On the Edge with Business Coach Margaret Jackson. The Coach is bridging the gap between Christian belief and business. Learn how to bridge the gap between your ministry/business and faith. Saturdays Prime time 1pm-2pm LISTEN LIVE

Coming in 2017 Silicon Valley On the Edge Business Show. Business Coach Margaret Jackson has joined with CreaTV to bring Silicon Valley’s on the edge businesses to television. She is educating viewers on what’s happening, what’s the news, and what’s next with Silicon Valley on the edge businesses. The Coach will go on location interviewing CEOs, Leaders, Political Figures, and small business owners that are today’s change agents of Silicon Valley.

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