Business Plans

Business Model, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, ONE SHEETS/PITCH SHEETS

The coach focuses on the small business’ model before writing the business plan. The business plan is not written until the small business model is clear. It is the business model that is the basis of a strong and solid business plan.

The coach has been writing business plans for over 10 years. She has taught workshops and seminars on business plans for the past 6 years, training small business owners on how to write a successful business plan, implement the plan, and shop the plan for funding sources.

Strategic Business Plans are a simplified business plan for in-house use, but can be scaled as needed. It provides a road map needed to grow and develop your business.

Have a plan or started a plan? Get your plan reviewed by the coach. All plans will have written feedback from the coach. The coach signs a confidentiality agreement to protect your business plan; all digital copies are destroyed, on all devices, upon completion. Get started! CLICK HERE

Get your ONE SHEET/PITCH SHEET it is the fastest way to target a specific result-oriented goal and get the sheet in front of the targeted decision maker. A ONE SHEET is a dynamic design and well crafted content messaging tool that changes your game. A few simple steps can get you started. Down-payment Investment, Schedule the 15 min., Teleconference Asset Meeting with the Coach, Delivery Digital assets post meeting, 72-Hour ONE SHEET turnaround time to get you moving. HOW MUCH is the investment? Great question. Only $75.00 down and $75.00 at SHEET completion. Receive your ONE SHEET after final investment to get you up and running! Each completed SHEET is awarded a 5 minute interview slot on the radio with the coach to pitch your sheet and develop initial brand awareness. It is a business standard to have 1-3 types of ONE SHEETS. A ONE SHEET is not a flyer it is a high-end document designed to be result-oriented to reach your targeted goal. Secure Your ONE SHEET SLOT today. The ONE SHEET process is on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t delay get in the coaches ONE SHEET rotation NOW! SECURE ONE SHEET SLOT HERE