Corporate/High Tech Events

Hastest Solutions, Inc., is a high tech environmental test chamber manufacturing company in Silicon Valley. Guest Event Emcee & Motivational Speaker – Re-Grand Opening of Facility Expansion in Silicon Valley.

Alternative Education/Charter School

“The San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School is a non-profit organization that provides youth with a quality high school education and teaches valuable work and life skills that empower them to become responsible, productive, and caring citizens.”
Guest Motivational Speaker – Journey Toward a Second Chance

Colleges & High Schools

Mission College is a public community college located in the City of Santa Clara, and in the heart of the Silicon Valley.
Guest Motivational Speaker – Celebrating High School Counselors and Career Technicians – “Champion Warriors – Investing in the Leaders of Tomorrow”

Corporate & Business Leadership Training

AM 1220 KDOW Lunch & Learn for corporate and business professionals
Guest Leadership Trainer – Power Leaders Power Purpose!

Exclusive Sponsorship Events
Our research shows that a well-organized exclusive micro event has a higher rate of attendance, when invited by a public figure or media personality.

  • We do the work and target qualified and motivated audience as your attendees.
  • Strategic and focused to achieve higher interest and best results
  • We organize, produce, and promote it!
  • Build brand awareness on-air
  • We market and advertise the event for targeted registrant results
  • Preproduction meeting with tips on how to win the audience.

Email us, for a free telephone consultation with the Coach, on having an exclusive event for your business.